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Midtronics industrial products
Absorbed valve-regulated, lead-acid battery technology designed for UPS standby power systems
• 10 year design life
• Special epoxy post seal design eliminates leaks
• Exclusive individual plate formation optimizes cell voltage balance and performance
• Advanced AGM technology for superior high-rate, short-term power
• Made in U.S.A.

Advanced design/manufacturing including IPFTM technology combine to make MK Battery’s Sealed Gel Batteries the standard by which all other gel batteries are measured. MK Battery is one of the largest sealed lead acid battery suppliers worldwide.
UPS Backup Power
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Portable Conductance Battery Testers
Critical to any system utilizing a stationary battery is, of course, an effective battery maintenance program. Your Signal Sense dealer is pleased to offer the complete line of conductance battery testing technology from Midtronics. These portable and convenient testing products offer quick, simple, safe and accurate operation and are a must for any battery maintenance regimen. Contact your Sense Products dealer for more information and a demonstration. 
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